Name withheld on request

March 2015
Dr. Majmundar and staff were all very helpful. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience and can’t wait to come back for more services.


Name withheld on request

March 2015
Great doctor. Very pleasant and helpful.


Name withheld on request

February 2015
Very helpful and easy to talk to.


Name withheld on request

February 2015
Dr. Mike was fantastic! I was so impressed with his patience, listening to my issues and explaining what all my options were. He told me about fractures I was never told about my the ER doctors or the other plastic surgeon I saw! Soooo nice. Gave me a lot of great information and explained everything so well. I know if I need him in the future, he will take good care of me. VERY, VERY IMPRESSED!!! Office staff was also very nice.


50 Year Old Transformation. Roswell, GA

February 2015
Best in Atlanta!


43 Male Puts Nose In-sync with Rest of Face – Alpharetta, GA

February 2015
Dr. Majmundar and his excellent staff were superb in terms of professionalism, likability, quality of work, and overall experience. From the initial consultation through the post-op follow-up, I felt at ease and confident that I was in the care of this practice.


Wanted a Narrower Bridge… It’s Perfect Now! – Atlanta, GA

December 2014
5 out of 5 stars


Excellent care, great aesthetics – Atlanta, GA

November 2014
Intelligent, careful, pragmatic, and considerate. I feel that Dr. Majmundar listens attentively and is very attuned to the needs of his patients.


Scar Removal Above the Lip – Roswell, GA

November 2014
Dr. Majmundar was very friendly and informative. He made sure that I was informed of what the procedure entailed and what I could expect following the surgery. I was very impressed and pleased.


More Than Satisfied Medical Professional – Roswell, GA

November 2014


Highly Reccomended
“I had no idea when I walked into his office what a life changing experience it would become. Rarely are those doctors found who possess all the wonderful traits that you have, Dr. Majmundar and your staff far exceeds anyone I know!” Thank you.


Great Job!
Dr, Majmundar performed a cosmetic procedure on my daughter’s ear. She is very happy with the results. He was professional and very empathetic to our needs during the process. We would definitely use him again.


Best Facial Plastic Surgeon in Atlanta
Dr. Majmundar and his staff were great! I saw him for migraines. I would recommend him to my friends and family.


Other surgeons don’t compare to Dr. Majmundar
After meeting Dr. Majmundar and researching his work, we chose him to do surgery for one of my best friends’ daughter. She had previously had 12 surgeries with another doctor for a hemangioma and was told it would never go away. A nerve had been severed and she could not smile. Dr. Majmundar did surgery for her. The hemangioma is completely gone. Her greatest gift is that she can now smile. This doctor is very kind and caring. I would recommend him to everyone.


Great Results!
Dr. Majmundar has injected me with facial fillers on several occasions and I have been very pleased with the results each time. He has a pleasant and caring personality and is great with needles!! I would recommend him to anyone who would like to improve their appearance.


Wonderful experience!
I have had Botox several times. Each time Dr. Majmundar spoke with me and did exactly as I wanted. I also had a small procedure to remove a suspicious spot. The place has healed with no scarring as Dr. Majmundar took extra care to smooth the area. All of my visits have been informative and professional. All of my results have met or exceeded my expectations!


Family of satisfied customers…
My daughter and I have had the pleasure of Dr. M’s services from small facial reconstruction to removing scar tissue to me getting my first fillers. My daughter who is only 10 felt absolutely comfortable with her procedure and was so happy with the results as I have been as well. Highly recommended.


3 showstoppers

November 2014
I’m an African American and was apprehensive to have the lump removed on my forehead because of scarring. There is no scar now because of the type of procedure Dr Majmumdar performed. Great doctor and very personable. Hopefully the office staff is a lot better now.


Chelsey Y

March 2014
I went to Dr. Majmundar for a rhinoplasty because I hated the largeness of my nose. At my consultation he told me everything he thought was necessary in order to give me a smaller nose that was more proportional to my face. I also decided to have a septoplasty as well because I had some internal issues that needed to be fixed. Throughout the entire process Dr. Majumndar and his staff were great and so easy to work with. My nose looks so great now and I can breathe much better too. I would HIGHLY recommend him if you are considering a rhinoplasty or septoplasty. I trusted him over any other plastic surgeon because he is a facial plastic surgeon, and I think that a nose job should be done by someone who is highly specialized in facial surgery. I’m so glad I chose Dr. M!!


Joanie Willard

March 2014
I went to Dr. Majmundar after finding extremely favorable reviews on the internet. His skill with injectables is quite amazing. I was most happy with the filler I received under my eyes. Not only did it fill in the hollows under my eyes, my fine lines seemed to disappear. I had no bruising and I did not look “puffy” but rested. Dr. Majmundar and his staff took their time and discuss all options. I did not feel rushed, in fact I felt like I must be the most important patient in the world! I feel like I am fortunate to have found such a skilled physician that I can trust.


Cameron Wade

March 2014
Dr. Majmundar was amazing. He listened to all of my concerns, looked at pictures of what I wanted and even entertained questions from my family. He was very descriptive with the details of my rhinoplasty and provided excellent information and service. He appealed to me because he works with people of color and is proactive in preventing scarring and keloids. He is open to questions and concerns and makes the patient feel as though they are in great hands and I was. I am so happy with my results! Also, his staff is the most friendliest and patient people I have ever met. I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Northside and I have no regrets about trusting them with my face.


I’ve known Dr. Majmundar since ’08. He’s done my…

I’ve known Dr. Majmundar since ’08. He’s done my facial fillers also, he’s a great doctor and person, he takes his time explaining everything and is never in a rush. I love the work he does, he understands what I want perfectly. He has a great technique that never makes me bruise and my skin is very very sensitive. My nose looks beautiful and most importantly, natural. I highly recommend him.
– rossman 2014

Non Surgical Nose Job Was the Best Decision for Me! – Atlanta, GA

I went to Dr. Majmundar at Northside Plastic Surgery and was extremely satisfied with the information provided, and the time and care Dr. Majmundar took in making sure my non-invasive nose job was perfect. I love it! He is definitely my new doctor for all of my dermatological/plastic surgery/filler needs. 🙂
– phdstudent0920

Simple Before and After – Dr. Majmundar Helped Me Achieve Very Natural Results…

Simple before and after – Dr. Majmundar helped me achieve very natural results by recommending some quick in office procedures like botox, juvederm and chemical peels. I was able to take away the lines without looking “done.” The procedure was done in office and was relatively quick and painless. I’ve received a lot of compliments from friends but the nice thing is they can’t tell what I’ve had done!
– Diane11

Fantastic – I’ve Had Two Other Practitioners Perform Botox for Me, but Dr. Majmundar is the Best

Fantastic – I’ve had two other practitioners perform Botox for me, but Dr. Majmundar is the best. I am extrememly pleased with the results and have returned to his office for other consultations. Dr. Majmundar and his staff are extremely professional and I will be consulting him for further facial plastic procedures in the future.
– bmt22

I Was Very Apprehensive When I First Considered Procedures to Look Younger

I was very apprehensive when I first considered procedures to look younger. Dr. Mike and his staff made me feel at home from the beginning. I respect how Dr. Mike customizes his approach for the individual and how achieving a natural look is his top priority. I often get compliments on how young I look, but no one suspects I have had “work done”. I could not be happier with Dr. Mike and his staff and I know I’m in good hands in the years to come.
– rosanna2010

I Have Had Botox Several Times. Each Time Dr. Majmundar Spoke With Me and Did Exactly as I Wanted.

I have had Botox several times. Each time Dr. Majmundar spoke with me and did exactly as I wanted. I also had a small procedure to remove a suspicious spot. The place has healed with no scarring as Dr. Majmundar took extra care to smooth the area. All of my visits have been informative and professional. All of my results have met or exceeded my expectations!
– audday2012

Dr. Majmundar Has Injected Me With Facial Fillers on Several Occasions…

Dr. Majmundar has injected me with facial fillers on several occasions and I have been very pleased with the results each time. He has a pleasant and caring personality and is great with needles!! I would recommend him to anyone who would like to improve their appearance.
– cindy37

Absolutely the Best Experience I Have Ever Had! – Atlanta, GA

I have had filler done many, many times over the last years. Dr. Majmundar is the first person to ever listen to exactly what I wanted. His technique is by far the best I have ever experienced. I cannot even begin to describe how happy I am. I will be going back and will honestly never go anywhere else for any type of fillers again. He creates a very natural look and I really feel he took off 10 years. The whole staff is wonderful. I would recommend him to everyone. You will not regret it. If you are looking for someone who is great at cosmetic fillers, has wonderful technique, feel confident you have found the right person. I am so very picky about who I go to, and I am a patient for life now. 🙂
– kimS24

Great Experience…best Doctor in Atlanta! – Atlanta, GA

Dr Majmundar is the first doctor to really listen to my concerns and offer suggestions on more natural techniques before insisting on doing something more drastic. I have had some bad experiences in the past and I will never go to any other doctor again. I am very happy with the results and return regularly. The whole staff is wonderful, I would highly recommended him!!

Dr. Mike is GREAT at His Sculptra Injection Teqnique…- Roswell, GA

I stumbled on Dr. Mike’s website and decided to call for a consultation. It turned out to be a great decison. i scheduled an appt. to have Sculptra injected by Dr. M. after using another Dr. for years. I plan to return eventually for my Sculptra and a necklift, which I hear he is excellent at performing. I’m looking forward to looking another few years younger after my next procedure.
– mystere43

Fuller Youthful Face – Atlanta, GA

Chance led me to him and I am so thankful it did! Now I make it a regular treat to go in and get a pick me up very quarter or so and since Dr M offers great deals to his patients it is a lot easier to maintain financially. But more than anything is the implicit trust I place in Dr M and his team! I feel totally confident that they will provide the best results on all counts and I feel very fortunate to have found these excellent providers.

For years I have wanted to change my appearance,…

For years I have wanted to change my appearance, and how I visioned myself. With one visit, I knew that I had met someone who understood the changes I was looking for and had a vision that equaled mine without photoshop and discouraging comments… i felt comfortable after just sitting and talking with Dr. Majmundar and that only intensified my desire to have the procedures done as soon as possible.
– Girl in Atlanta

Radiesse Works Great! – Roswell, GA

Really listens and understands concerns. I have had fillers in the past from other physicians and experienced significant bruising but Dr Majmundars technique was amazing and I had minimal bruising. I will only see him now!
– deb1745

Beletero for Tear Troughs – Atlanta, GA

He was professional, knowledgeable, and kind. I highly recommend him for any of your cosmetic injectables. I love my results.
– plasticbeauty

Dr. Mike Majmundar
Double Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon
Dr. Mike Majmundar’s practice is unique in that it focuses exclusively on plastic surgery of the face, head and neck. As a double board certified facial plastic surgeon, his complete approach to facial aesthetics promotes healthy skin, youthful contours, and natural results, without appearing “done” or artificial.


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