The MM Lift for Eyes is a nonsurgical lift that lifts the brows, fills the tear troughs, refines the nasolabial fold lift, treats the crows feet, and subtly finishes the convexity of the temple, commonly referred to as ‘giving patients their youth back.’ The revolutionary MM Lift for Eyes was created to combat the tired or sad appearance to the eyes many individuals see in the mirror and/or the dark circles that many complain of and which adds to the tired look. This is a nonsurgical lift and is very commonly combined with our Protege Elite RadioFrequency Skin Tightening device or Fractional CO2 laser to tighten and lift the skin further if needed.
As commonly recollected, the eyes are considered the windows to the soul. Men and women have been rightfully cautious about procedures around the eyes because of problems with puffiness, prolonged bruising, color changes, and changes to the shape of the brow or eye. With our technique and choice of products, these complications are virtually nonexistent. The uniqueness of the MM Lift for Eyes is not just the natural results but also the reduction in common complications.
Furthermore, the risk of bruising and swelling is further decreased by our use of a flexible, soft, blunt cannula instead of the use of a firm, penetrating needle for our injections. This truly minimizes downtime for 95% of individuals though less than 5% of individuals may still get swelling or bruising for 1-4 days. In the event of bruising, it is usually pinpoint in size and easily covered with makeup.

Dr. Mike Majmundar
Double Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon
Dr. Mike Majmundar’s practice is unique in that it focuses exclusively on plastic surgery of the face, head and neck. As a double board certified facial plastic surgeon, his complete approach to facial aesthetics promotes healthy skin, youthful contours, and natural results, without appearing “done” or artificial.


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